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Disposable masks and disposable gloves in daily life are medical rubbish?
Jan 14, 2018

    Disposable masks and disposable gloves in daily life are not medical rubbish

    Medical waste, also known as medical waste, refers to polluted garbage produced by hospitals such as used cotton balls, gauze, tape, waste water, disposable medical devices, waste products after operation, expired The medicine and so on. Medical waste has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent pollution.

    Different from domestic garbage, medical waste contains a lot of bacteria, viruses and chemical agents. It is highly contagious, biologically toxic and corrosive. Any medical waste without treatment or thorough treatment can be piled up arbitrarily, Soil and air pollution, the human body, directly or indirectly, may also be the source of the epidemic.

     Medical waste is a special type of hazardous waste. The problem of medical waste disposal has become a hot spot in the world. China lists it as No. 1 hazardous waste in the "List of Hazardous Waste". To strengthen the standardized management and decontamination of medical waste is extremely important both in environmental protection and disease prevention and control.

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