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Dust at home, how dust
Aug 08, 2017

1, air humidifier, this is very important, the home air moist point, very good for the body, but not too wet, otherwise, electrical appliances, body, furniture are not good. An air humidifier wet air, house dust is not easy to raise, but it is not easy to spread, keep indoor humidity is moderate, let the dust in the air gradually slowly to the ground by wet deposition. So the air humidifier is very useful for dust removal.

2, softener. This is also important. The dust is mostly attached to dark or static areas. Softener can remove static electricity, when cleaning, by adding softener water to clean, especially with a rag wet with local water softener on furniture or dust, there will be a very significant improvement.

3, dust-proof screen window, this has not popularized, but the function is obvious, invisible screen window is also good. To prevent outdoor dust flying into the interior, especially in the lower floors, near the dust source, the road side of the house, this is a must oh!

5, usually do not open the window, shut it, because the air and temperature to open the window, do not forget to install the screen window.

6, before entering the house, if the conditions permit, must remove dust in the outside, it is best to take off at home, and then into the room.

7, regular dust removal. Remember the dust generated by the bedroom is the most, and this kind of thing with cotton, easy ash material, the vacuum cleaner is also essential. Feather duster. Use it a little bit lighter. Don't brush off a few ashes and go into the bedroom.

8, plants. Putting green plants at home can not only improve the indoor air, but also absorb (absorb) certain dust. But the plants that help you get rid of the dust can be cleaned in water.

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