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Dust bag cleaning method
Aug 08, 2017

Main process steps of dust bag filter cleaning:

Ash cleaning: high frequency vibration is used to remove large dust particles into the filter bag wall as much as possible, and it does not affect the fastness of the fiber, and keeps the filter bag good peeling resistance.

Chemical experiments: the extraction of bag samples, the use of professional laboratory testing, filter bags, oil components, so as to choose the appropriate washing materials, wash the bag to the maximum, and not cause any damage to the filter bag.

Cleaning: choose the appropriate washing materials, and strict proportion, low temperature water cleaning, uniform flow, moderate intensity, no mechanical damage to the filter bag.

Repair: repair the damaged filter bag because of the abrasion, hole and so on, ensure the high rate of return.

Drying: use 110 or so hot air to dry, keep the size stability of the filter bag. After drying, the filter bag does not deform and does not retract.

Inspection: the instrument is used to check the cleaning bag to ensure the cleaning quality.

Summary: filter the dust plug or run a long time so the dust removal effect is not very ideal, not up to the national standards, so it is necessary to take the dust bag bag cleaning or replacement of large quantities, replace the filter bag (bag) so that the investment is very high. Cleaning dust bag (bag) project to introduce advanced dust bag (bag) cleaning equipment, high cleaning technology, cleaning the asphalt mixing plant, power plant boiler high temperature dust bag equipment, cleaning the dust bag of good effect, low cost, dust bag (bag) after cleaning and dust removing effect the new dust bag (bag) the effect is basically the same. Cleaning costs are much lower than the replacement bag (bag) costs, which greatly reduces the cost, can be reduced by 80% statement: absolutely does not affect ventilation.

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