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Home hygiene starting from the mop pad
Aug 08, 2017

The mop is one of the most commonly used cleaning products in every home, but the mop is in use, the most accessible to the organic component of the ground, if the long-term in a humid environment, fungi, fungi, Candida and dust mites microorganisms and bacteria will grow rapidly.

After the use of mops, not only can not clean the ground, more likely to cause bacterial proliferation, and cause respiratory tract, intestinal tract and allergic dermatitis and other diseases.

Whether the mop head texture is cotton, cotton or cotton, superfine fiber, after use will need to thoroughly clean air, otherwise easy to breed harmful substances.

But the daily use of mops in homes does not promote regular disinfection. The use of disinfectant for disinfection can easily cause unnecessary environmental pollution.

It is recommended that after each mop is used, wash carefully with clean water, put on gloves, wring out the mop, and then spread the front part for drying. If the conditions at home, it is best to put in place adequate light and ventilation, make full use of the sun's rays of physical sterilization; if there is no balcony, or inconvenient to dry, in the wet, it's best to be moved to dry and ventilated room, such as dry and then back into the bathroom.

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