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How the sponge mop is placed
Aug 08, 2017

The mop mopping the floor after all the dirty water then squeezed out, and finally with water filled with long-term wet, so cool it, not all soaked in water. Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun.  Before the next use, if the dry hard, you can first put your hands in the hands of soft soaked and then pull, or else easy to cotton head easily broken. The mop with our cotton mop after the most common first and then the mopping absorbing effect is very good.

1, when the weather is good, we should take out the sun, sterilization, long-term placement in the room, if you encounter wet air, it is easy to mildew.

2, after washing, immediately dry, in order to keep dry.

3, don't be touched, such as soup or mimeograph pigment, to ensure clean, wash immediately, to prevent the generation of odor.


1, like daily care, shake off the dust on the mat.

2, the use of high pressure water pipe irrigation, it is best to use water below 40 degrees Celsius rinse, you can properly use some neutral detergent, do not use acid-base cleaning agent, because it will accelerate the aging of floor mats.

3, cleaning, to ensure that the residue of detergent has all washed clean, after washing to dry in time, can be bactericidal.

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