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How to clean the car dust duster dirty
Aug 08, 2017

Dust duster is wax mop

The wax tow has different cleaning methods according to what wax it uses:

1, the wax is used in paraffin, which is to be washed with kerosene,

2, wax mop is liquid wax, use paraffin remover,

3, the wax is dragged with wood wax, you can use laundry or soap on it.

4, if the immersion is not real wax, such as kerosene, such a wax mop is best not to wash, after the oil is washed off, the wax mop will be void.

5, such as chemical fiber, nano material wax mop can be washed with clean water, wash dry.

Wax mop service life:

Wax in the use process, with the extension of time and washing times increased, the line quality will gradually harden, especially after repeated washing, the hardening index will double the increase, the experimental data show that the normal life of wax cotton 4-6 months for the best, beyond this period, recommend regular replacement.

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