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Introduction of car dust
Aug 08, 2017

The car dust cloth this product has the functions of cleaning, emulsification and adsorption etc., is a kind of special cleaning materials, mainly used in automobile, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, household appliances and other high finish paint surface in pretreatment before spray coating. This product is rubbed when feel smooth, no pollution, foreign bodies make wiping after the object without residual oil, iron, dust, fiber and so on, can make the spray coating has more bright surface effect, plump cloth is a new type of cleaning materials made by special craft and has soft texture, strong adsorption capacity, high detergency, do not drop a fiber etc.. It is the best thing to clean the surface of spray paint before painting. It can effectively remove dust and foreign matter on the surface of spray paint, so that the paint after spraying can be more smooth and glossy. Widely used in electronics factory, precision manufacturing, automobile, motorcycle, cleaning wipe the aircraft, high-grade plastic parts coated in paint or spray paint pretreatment. Features: green environmental protection, no hair loss, good viscosity, no glue, excellent detergency, higher resistance to rubbing.

Scope of application: car spraying, circuit boards, aircraft, motorcycles. PCB, precision instruments and meters, electronics, mobile phones, communications, motors, purification room, clean room, laboratory, aviation, machinery, plastic, electroplating, etc..

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