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It is easy to use the car dust
Sep 11, 2017

First, the car duster, also known as dust or dust brush, dust removal material is generally divided into chemical fiber, nano, cotton, dust effect in turn increase. Chemical fiber and nanowires because of the material's own molecular structure constraints, can not adsorb liquid car wax, so the real meaning of the car wax brush (or wax duster), only a cotton thread, the best dust, the deployment of the duster on the best The

Second, the car dust method and precautions:

1, ground cleaning air conditioning pipes and air filter

If the recent often too much dust, poor environment, to wash the air conditioning pipeline and air filter. Your own way of cleaning is to remove the air filter after the filter, take the film, Shan way to remove the dust inside it, or use the blower to blow the inside of the dirt, if found that the filter is too dirty, then It is necessary to replace. Cleaning air conditioning pipe dust, air intake can be directly injected into the special cleaning agent, and then open the air conditioning inside the cycle, you can remove the dust inside the pipeline.

2, make good use of air conditioning inside and outside the cycle of dust

Under normal circumstances we are using external circulation, that is, from the car outside the air, to the car to add fresh air, but encountered outside the air is not good, especially after the dusty fly site, we must remember to convert air conditioning inside and outside the cycle , Otherwise accidentally outside the case of outdoor dust into the car, will affect the owner's own health.

Many owners drive, open the air conditioning will no longer care, and long time to use the internal circulation. Maintenance factory master prompts the majority of owners, although the air conditioning within the cycle temperature drop faster, but the use of a long cycle of internal air quality will become bad, especially the car for a long time. So in the daily use of them, after the car down the temperature, the appropriate outside through the outside into the point of fresh air, is conducive to regulating the air quality inside.

3, regular car dust cleaning

Pay attention to the car dashboard, carpet and other places, whether it has accumulated a lot of dust, if the car is more frequent and often through the dust of the site, then the car for the car to do the toilet is necessary.

In the market, you can buy a car dedicated vacuum cleaner, suck to accumulate in the car accessories surface and deep dust. After the vacuum, carefully use a special cleaning liquid spray to the car roof, carpet, cashmere seats and other places, and then carefully wipe clean with a brush. Dashboard and board countertops and doors, windows and glass and other places, then wipe clean with a towel.

4, should not be painted wax paint

Many owners always think that the car is dirty, then in the car wash finished a layer of wax will better protect the paint, in fact, this idea may be self-defeating. In the rainy days and dust more environment, waxing is not desirable, because waxing, will be more likely to absorb dust, rain rain will affect the waxing effect.

5, should not stop the car outdoors

In poor air quality, dust more weather, try not to park the car outdoors. Especially if there is a nearby site, just washed the new car only one night time will become "unkempt."

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