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Needle punched non-woven fabric
Aug 08, 2017

Use of non-woven cloth is not the same, the process is not the same, so acupuncture line is not the same, a domestic acupuncture line from about 400000 to about 4000000, and then finishing with, also can increase the use of non-woven cloth, dozens of times, the price also rose straight up,

Medical and health: non-woven fabric band aid,

Agriculture: Harvest cloth, greenhouse cloth.

Industry: floppy lining, horn cloth, filter material, sound deadening felt, sealing ring lining, glass fiber reinforced cloth, industrial cloth, shockproof pad, pipe lining, ventilation pipe, sand cloth.

Packing: pipe insulation packing cloth, packing base lining,

Clothing footwear: clothing lining, Heel Toe hard liner, liner, man-made deerskin, synthetic leather, shoes lining, lining cloth shoes.

Automotive Industry: waste heat shock isolation spinning mat, mat, cushion carpet, ceiling, lining, door liner, auto filter, molding cushion. Dust filter bag

Household clothing: sofa cloth, carpet, wall cloth, glasses cloth bag, vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth, curtain,

Civil engineering construction: reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, felt base cloth, drainage board, roofing materials, railway, highway, water slope, port berm, sound insulation, heat, sewer, separation, drainage. Geotextiles,

Military and other uses: rocket, missile thermal head cone, tail nozzle throat, the space shuttle Nairewa, glass fiber, carbon fiber insulation cloth and so on, at present in the domestic non-woven needle use: about two thousand

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