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The difference between knitted fabrics, woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics
Feb 20, 2018

    Basically, the process is different. The knitted fabric is formed by the coil interlaced with each other. Commonly used mechanical equipment is divided into large circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines or warp knitting machines. The woven fabrics are formed by interweaving the warp and weft yarns perpendicularly to each other. The commonly used machines include the rapier loom , Water jet loom, air jet weaving loom and jacquard loom. The non-woven fabric does not have to pass through the yarn and is formed by the fibers directly by mechanical or thermal bonding or chemical bonding. The commonly used Acupuncture production lines, spunlace, spunbond, meltblown, hot air and so on.

     Applications, such as common sweaters (nonsense -_- |||), sweaters, sweaters, thermal underwear, socks and other belong to the knitwear; shirts, trousers, sheets, curtains, fabric, jeans and other belong to the woven fabric; There are so many applications for textile fabrics that you can see that fiber finished products except for the above applications belong to non-woven fabrics, such as wet tissues, masks, diapers, eco bags, cotton washing, filter bags, geotextiles Etc., etc.

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