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Clean Cloth Can Really Play The Role Of Anti-static?
Aug 08, 2017

Clean cloth, I believe that many enterprises in the production process are often used to, but many enterprises always think dust-free cloth effect is dust, water and oil resistance, often ignore the anti-static function. So dust-free cloth really can play the role of anti-static? We from the function of dust-free cloth analysis.

Dust-free cloth really can play the role of anti-static?

1, dust-free cloth has excellent dust removal effect, dust contains a large number of ions, and air contact, easy to generate static electricity.

2, dust-free cloth with high water absorption;

3, soft, will not damage the surface of the object;

4 provide adequate dry and wet strength;

5, the amount of ion release is low, can greatly reduce the electrostatic contact between ions;

6, it is difficult to cause chemical reactions.

7, using 18M pure EDI cleaning, in the most advanced 100 levels of clean room packaging; four sides using laser sealing edge, wool and fiber reduction, dust discharge volume is low, ion release quantity is low

8, dust-free cloth, the edge of the product is by the most advanced edge cutting machine edge, wiping without leaving particles and thread, dirt removal capacity.

From the above eight points of clean cloth, whether from the dust absorption reducing contact with ions in the air, or amount of ions released during use of the hand, dust-free cloth compared to other rags are has its unique advantages, but also have some help for anti-static.

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