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How To Choose A Mop Pad
Aug 08, 2017

First, look at the mop bar, must choose stainless steel, stainless steel also depends on the material, thick is not thick, choose a little thicker before durable, if the price difference is not too far, then dehydrated basket also choose stainless steel. The mop bar and the dewatering basket are made of stainless steel. They won't rust, and they don't age as easily as plastic. The mop bar is plastic and easier to break.

Two, mop head water absorption must be good, absorbent good mop head, it's adsorption ability is strong, clean efforts on high, clean up very clean. And it's easy to get dehydrated.

Three, now most of the mop are double drive, the purchase must choose to pedal hard to purchase brand, be sure to ask if the merchant did not buy back that good return is relatively easy.

Four, mop mop head required to clean up dirt, and can easily wash away.

Five, once the mop bar fixed, you can not turn around, or up and down slide, only artificial regulation can turn or slide.

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