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How To Clean The Dust Duster And Dust Of The Car
Jun 29, 2018

Dust duster is wax drag

Wax waxes vary according to what wax is used for waxing.

1, the wax is used for paraffin wax, that is to be washed with kerosene.

2. The wax is used for the liquid wax to be used as a dewaxing agent.

3, wax trailer is made of wood wax, just wash clothes or soap.

4, if the dip is not real wax, such as kerosene, such wax trailer is best not to wash, after the oil is washed away, wax is also useless.

5, like chemical fiber, nano material wax towing can be washed with water, dry after washing.

Wax towing life:

Wax dragging in the use process, with the increase of time and the number of cleaning, the quality of the line will slowly harden, especially after water washing, the hardening exponent will double increase, the experimental data show that the normal service life of the wax towing line for 4-6 months is the best state, more than this period, it is recommended to change regularly.

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