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Leather Furniture Is Often Cleaned With Dish Cloth
Aug 08, 2017

Leather sofa is popular because of its style and luxury, but it needs more care and patience in daily management. Experts said that the summer due to human sweating, irradiation into the room is relatively strong, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of leather sofa. If used for a long time, improper maintenance will fade, obsolete, tarnish, leather lack of ductility and sofa deformation.

Experts, even the leather, there are different processes, such as embossed aniline leather, the body is cream of the crop without scars on cattle skin, feel like human skin as smooth, leather sofa which can be made to adjust the temperature changes with the seasons, warm in winter and cool in summer. Summer, the body is easy to sweat, but because of benzene dye skin permeability is good, sitting on top will not feel uncomfortable. The oil is relatively thin dermis in the cortex, coated with a layer of protective film, easy care.

The summer sweating, leather pores will absorb sweat, hot and humid will make sweat in organic matter and leather chemical reaction, easy to produce odor, so should wash with dry dishcloth, clean with clean and care products special. In addition, do not place in direct sunlight, can be placed in air-conditioned room to keep dry, so as not to wet in summer, wet ground, so that the bottom of the sofa moldy

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