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Maintenance Knowledge Of Mop Pad
Aug 08, 2017

In the family, the floor facade is almost completely controlled by a mop. How to pick and use the mop will become a domestic help. Clean dirt on the ground, so as to facilitate the next use of mops, but also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, in order to maintain the use of mops.

[mop select seven principles]

1. lever handle, easy to take, not easy to fall off, turn

2. mop cloth water Lijia

3., mop the material does not chip off

4., mop easy to wring, dry water consumption

5., mop easy to remove dirty, clean, do not stick dirt

6. different needs to choose different functions, such as furniture under smaller gaps, can choose the flat mop cloth can be removed for cleaning, such as magic cloth mop type.

7., the home space storage does not occupy space: when the space is smaller, choose a simultaneous mop with mop function.  Www.lijiasi518.com

[caution for the use of mops]

1., in order to extend the use efficiency of mop, it is better to remove the hair and dust first before mopping the floor.

2. mop mop the direction, as far as possible along the floor of the lines, it is easy to remove dirt, to achieve clean effect.

3. the best cleaning mop to the flow of water to flush is clean, if use floor cleaner habits, dirty mop can first in faucet will add dirt washed, soaked with detergent bucket, then wring mop.

4. should pay attention to various types of mop is used, the use of the method can improve the efficiency of the use of mop, for example some first soaked foam mop can be used before use, or some electrostatic cloth it is necessary to use the static liquid to spray.

5. use mops to wipe wood floors, try not to use high water content mops, such as cotton mops. Because the wooden floor surface has the fine pore, is easy to absorb the water vapor, causes the floor distortion to be frail, shortens the life.

[mop maintenance]

1. after use must really scrub clean and wring dry ventilated place, avoid smelly odor generation.

2. when the mop has peculiar smell, dilute the bleach water to clean the mop.

Hair stick 3. mop can be used to help clear the brush or wait for drying and then tape adhesion.

4., the material is smaller cloth mop, more suitable for use in heavy oil dirt stains, not economic benefits, easy to wear mop period.

5. in order to keep the house clean, the mop tip is recommended once every two to three months.

6., with the use of detergent, the weight should not be excessive, otherwise easy to remain, affecting the service life of the mop

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