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Mop Refill Features
Aug 08, 2017

A sponge mop comprising a long rod, an extruder fixed to one end of the rod, a sponge, and a connecting rod device; wherein the extruder comprises two rollers arranged in parallel and spaced apart from each other by a distance The roller comprises a shaft and a plurality of cylinders arranged on the shaft, and the outer peripheral walls of the cylinders are equidistantly distributed with a plurality of planes extending from the one end of the cylinder to the other end; the connecting rod means And at least one connecting rod connecting the spinner and sponge, respectively, by pulling the puller to cause the sponge to reciprocate along a path passing between the rollers so that the sponge is squeezed by the rollers to force the moisture And in this process, the cylinder design of each cylinder can make the sponge by more efficient extrusion and can reduce the residual water, so that the re-absorption of the sponge increased, and enhance its water absorption efficiency.

1, sponge elastic good

2, strong water absorption capacity, up to their own weight 6-10 times the surface smooth

3, the cleaning effect is relatively general mop cleaning effect is better,

4, wear durable, can not afford to slag, leaving no scratches

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