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Non-woven Glove Machine
Sep 26, 2017

Non-woven gloves machine all the production are fully automated, time-saving and stable quality, anti-static device for wiping gloves, more to achieve the effect of dust, machine features a machine can produce mop cloth and wipe gloves two products, as long as Replace the mold can be, to increase economic efficiency, a super-fused welding, the other for the back fill, the production more smooth, computer program control, electric tension control, aluminum alloy structure is beautiful and beautiful

Non-woven gloves Features:

1. Separate discharge rack, easy to pick and place and adjust the raw materials

2. High degree of automation equipment, low operating requirements of the staff, so take the raw materials and finishing the finished product can be

3. Automatic counting

4. Frequency control, according to the actual needs of the equipment to adjust the speed

5. Rotary control box, according to customer requirements to adjust the direction of the control box

6. Automatic waste collection, so that automatic withdrawal of waste, to the operation of staff to reduce manual labor

7. Machine with aluminum frame, the appearance of light and beautiful no rust

8.Delixi high-quality high-quality 750w inverter, high stability, easy to understand

9. Frequency control, equipped with photoelectric detection device, so that the slice is more stable curvature

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