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Non-woven Gloves Commonly Used Materials
Aug 08, 2017

1. For mechanical damage gloves material (1) wire - common stainless steel wire, also has chrome wire, mainly used to manufacture anti-cut gloves. This kind of material anti-cutting performance of the strongest, and easy to clean, but the quality, the use of inconvenient.

(2) Kevlar, Spectra and other synthetic yarn - is also a good synthetic fiber anti-cutting material, although the anti-cutting ability than wire, but light, comfortable, and improved and processed, and some products can achieve anti- The highest level of the standard.

(3) nitrile (with fabric lining) - with anti-wear and anti-piercing performance, the use of flexible and comfortable.

(4) natural latex (with fabric lining) - with excellent flexibility, especially flexible, have a certain anti-wear, tear resistance and anti-cutting performance.

(5) PVC (with fabric lining) - can provide a certain wear and piercing protection, if the material is thick, but also can have a certain anti-cutting ability, but not tear.

(6) leather - natural material, through a variety of tanning treatment, has a unique performance. Skin can be divided into: cowhide, its advantages are comfortable, durable, breathable wear and tear, after chrome trampling treatment, more durable, and can resist high temperature; pig skin, large pores, the best air permeability, after washing can still keep very good Of the softness, and will not harden; sheepskin, is the most comfortable, the most durable and anti-wear performance of the best, but because the price is too expensive, generally only used in the touch requirements of the industry.

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