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The Classification Of The Mop Pad
Aug 08, 2017

Mop head:

It is a part of the mop. Because it is fixed on the head of mop, it is called mop head. It is made of cotton, cotton or other fibrous material produced, together with the mop rod mop, mainly used for cement floor, marble floor and ground cleaning. Www.lijiasi518.com

Classification of mop heads:

In accordance with the material properties and can be divided into: mop, mop head, fiber cotton mop head

1. mop: absorbent collodion cotton is relatively strong, mopping the floor before can not sweep the floor, through the air convection and friction forming electrostatic, dust, sand suction, suction to hair, not to hurt the ground. When in use, the hands do not have water and dirt, clean and simple. Especially the replacement mop, and economic benefits. The drawback is that the narrow gap is difficult to remove due to the shape (bar) constraint.

2. fiber mop head: superfine fiber material mop price is more expensive, because the use of a more special process, flat type mop head can be vertical contact with the ground, change cotton and ground parallel contact shortcomings. Due to the close contact with the ground, static friction, so they can more thoroughly remove dirt in gaps, wipe the ground in almost no wear conditions, can also be used for polishing and waxing. But you need to use a hand or washer to clean the mop.

3. cotton mop head: cotton material prefers to be dry, or more accurately, it can be displayed on wooden floors. Cotton mop head once wet, attached to the top of the hair is difficult to clean, wipe a wipe, when other places will have www.lijiasi518.com, India, and India do not wipe clean. Small pieces of cloth stick to the mop and mop the floor and bring it to the floor. Then you have to sweep it..  So, cotton mop as much as possible dry mop. And it's better to clean up the floor or vacuum it before mopping the floor.

According to the performance can be divided into: flat mop head, can wring water mop head, rotating mop head

Washing and maintenance of mop

Any material mop should be washed with neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool itself, it is best to disinfect it with disinfectant. But not all mops can bask in the sun. In general, superfine fiber non-woven fabric and mop collodion material to dry, the sun, the material may shrink or deform, the adsorption effect can be weakened. Cotton mop will be drying the sun, because a long time wet, mop will fall off, there will be peculiar smell.

It is best not to mop mop should not be piled up on the ground, the mop plate type mop heads, and mop strips will be hanging up type.

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