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What Are The Advantages Of Rotating Mop And Ordinary Mop?
Sep 11, 2017

For the general general mop, its price is indeed cheaper than the rotation mop, and its benefits is the majority of customers to buy it a major reason, do not want to use, at any time can be replaced, but it is compared with the rotation mop, Its shortcomings also immediately bloom out, first, it is in use, more waste of physical strength, and the crowd is also relatively small, in the same time, the use of the inconvenience will be revealed, that is, need People to stop the water, wash mop, etc., not only the cost of water but also a waste of physical strength. And there are some shortcomings in the quality, mop easy to fall, the replacement speed, and the mop is also relatively strong, and fixed drag cloth wire is also easy to rust and fracture, the service life is obvious in shortening.

Rotary mop, its price is relatively high relative to the ordinary is indeed a high point, but in the use of a lot of benefits and convenience, it does not waste water, and young and old, do not have to do some dangerous action, and For cleaning some of the dust and its easy, after cleaning the effect is very clean. For some dead ends, because it can be rotated, so it is easier to clean, its life is relatively relatively strong.

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